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Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
Even on an Intel Mac with the new Intel version of Graal, the tools are very unresponsive.
I had suspected as much. Now imagine if you were on a slow network. It's even worse.
The scripted stuff is a cheap way out of the problem: let the scripters make it for free, and then we can say we're done with it.
The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if there's an iPhone level editor before a Mac one (and yes, there would be no sense in that).

Unresponsive = Click a button, wait 10 seconds for any response. Or place a tile, wait 20 seconds for it to appear. And that happened on a decent connection as well.
Whereas offline: click a button and it's doe in an instant, or with the windows rc, it's just as quick as the server can respond.

For example, as a Mac user with both a fast PPC machine and a new Intel machine, who also knows gs2 and some objc and cocoa, you'd think I'd make a great tester for the Intel machine and RC. But because I don't own a server, I can't.

That's what's wrong with the system
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