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Originally Posted by Skyld View Post
As do I. Why? Because it means that we can provide immediate updates to every client on Graal, on every platform, at the same time. That's an incredible bonus because it means that three separate sets of tools aren't having to be released and updated every time a new feature is added. That would be costly in terms of developer time and you would then see less other updates.
Which would be great if they ran at the speed as offline native apps, and didn't require an account.
The offline apps are still needed, until people can edit levels and gs2 without owning a server online.
How exactly is it slow? I'm guessing it has something to do with being ran on an Intel Mac, since it is very fast for me on PowerPC.
I haven't used it in a while, but when I first did, it was far more limited than the PC version, and was very unresponsive. The online tools bite because they require a good internet connection, and for full speed, a PowerPC Mac. Offline editing is a huge necessity. I used to do it when I wasn't able to connect (I have a very slow internet connection at school).
We need offline tools.
Benefits of online tools: Updates for all platforms at once
Benefits of offline tools: No need for a connection, account, or server ownership.

So few people own a server and are able to make use of the online tools, which pale in comparison to the speed and features of the offline tools.
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