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Originally Posted by NubsZz View Post
Era's very first KotH hosted by Ocelot in Los Carteles Base. At the time there were four gang: three old school ones (Black Holst, Blazian Bandits and Los Carteles) and the newly established Mongrel Mob, which I was in. This was during the time where each gang was distinguished by their gang gun and their iconic leaders at the time.

Black Holst led by War Head (and Kae if you considered him Boss)
Black Holster 2 (25 dmg, no spread, 6 shot clip)

Blazian Bandits led by Vincent and Sia
BB M4 (20 dmg, large spread, multishot option)

Los Carteles led by Vamp Chill and Gambet
SG552 (20 dmg, large spread, NO FREEZE)

Mongrel Mob led by Nuada and Mafia Ninja
Shipka (20 dmg, large spread, dual shot)

At the time there was no scripted treasure chest to account for time. It was set that at 8 pm EST whoever were the last men standing in the LC base would be crowned King of the Hill. LC were the clear favorites. Not only was the event in their base, but their gang gun was at the time the first and only gun with no freeze making it incredibly difficult to fight against. In the events leading up to KotH, Nuada was unable to attend and immediately we were at a disadvantage since only him and Mafia Ninja held the shipka. He decided to just forfeit the event and as a result Mafia Ninja also did not attend. That was when I rallied up 6-8 members and decided to participate even though other gangs had as many as 20+ members. After 2 hours of being dominated by other gangs, there was 5 minutes left. That was when Mongrel Mob took over the LC elevator and timed to enter the main base exactly 2 minutes prior to the scheduled time. When we bursted in, LC, BB and BH were all going at each other as Ocelot sealed off the gates. Miraculously, we ended up winning the first KotH and were rewarded with the flamethrower prize.

This was many years ago when Era was fun.

Not trying to bump an old thread here, but this event was probably the most fun I had on Era. Nub I remember some of the squad we had for this event too, and we somehow managed to pull it off.

I wish I had my old computer for some of the awesome screenshots I used to have, but man the Morano/TF raids were also pretty memorable, even though getting door lamed by overpowered Katanas would get irritating.

I miss pking in old BB base too, and RIP EC.
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