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Originally Posted by Gold1 View Post
Your points are valid, but to a point. No one has time to just make another server completely from scratch and there's no reason to. Carlito has an issue with "toxic people" not the server itself. This all falls back to management and why I'm saying in MY personal opinion that Stowen is the only one left who is fit for the position. Let's say hypothetically we did start completely from scratch and ended up having a solid totally different server with a high playercount. The second Carlito seen these previous (toxic) players he would just take it upon himself and shut the server down rather than have management deal with this issue. Which, when it comes to player harassment etc. that is THEIR job. (it's actually the GP's job but over excessive management should step in) Carlito should not have to step in unless he is absolutely needed.
I don't care either way, as I said before PC Graal is dead and continuing to decay. I was just shedding light on the subject and voicing my personal opinion about the matter.
See the love on the forums !! You and this Stowen fellow and Carlita need to kiss and make up, gogogogo we're waiting

Yeah, that's a fact, it's back breaking to start up a player world from scratch. Getting a high player count is so "cliche" also, look at all the different playerworlds and different forum threads of players promoting their playerworld. I think the server rental is cheaper than multiplayer license for Unity though... and the engine and everything the old Graal tools are already ready. I think most of the playerworlds are just for personal hobby, for the people that have joy in the development side of Graal, but not expecting any outcomes.

I downloaded the client and visited UN (server ID unholy), just because I had the Graal nostalgia and bored . It feels so sad because UN was my only home too from years ago, and it reminds me so much of my old friends, needed to delete my client. I've never been the type to login to a playerworld and play Graal for itself actually, I only liked the development aspects.
I <3 UN
I <3 Shadow Strip Entertainment City Shangri-La
I <3 gscript2
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