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Originally Posted by Gold1 View Post
Sup, Graal is a dead game and I've been around longer than all of you. Yawn, moving on.
That being said when Stowen tried the whole "Unholy War" to try to restore UN, Carlito stripped him of the server for absolutely NO reason. Everything was being done by the book and their was nothing "vile" going on.
Sooo, don't swallow everything that's spoon fed to you people lol.
i have yet another childish post too k thanks my ego and arrogance are way too big and longer than everybody (need to over-compensate for something else that's small)

Sounds too similar to a lot of Graal playerworld stories. It always goes along the lines of "something something" for "no reason". Seems like it's always the PWA or upper management that is the "bad guy", for making executive decisions that make no sense or are not fair for the community. And then all the stories say that the ones that seem to get punished are the ones that are going out of their way to work hard for the love of working hard for the love of Graal, or are managing the staff efficiently, or are making all the players happy (with of course player count exaggeration too), and are doing so much good for the server with their level 5 RCs. I never believed these stories, all the stories all sound the same, and then that's not all - the stories keep being brought back up because it seems the "innocent" are always bitter and in so need to defend themselves. Everyone has their own opinion, and I respect everyone's because everyone is contributing, whether negative or positive (my opinions are small, are of my own, and I don't mind if others don't care for them)

Like I don't know, what's done is done, right? Opposing the Graal upper management or opposing my Carlita has never worked. Coming to the forums has consistently made things worse (omg but entertaining though! if only the forum rules were more loose). Players think they have always owned Graal, but Graal has always been seen as a business for you know who. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a petition to bring UN's management back, but have the previous Graal petitions ever worked? If this Stowen and his staff and his player followers are such good-doers, then why don't they use their skills + their talents + their experience + their magical Graal development strengths + their professional complaining techniques to make another playerworld better? Or is there still an option on Graal to rent a server with the highest level RC possible, for some small fee? If they're claiming credit for the high player count and player happiness on UN, then shouldn't they be able ton achieve that for another playerworld?

(or maybe it's because other playerworlds don't want so many AFK players or players running around with pen** shields)
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