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Originally Posted by Kamaeru View Post
This is just my guess, but I think the problem with UN is that it probably couldn't pass any global standards to get hosted again, or it would be very difficult to pull off. It was sort of grandfathered in during a time when nobody cared about the quality level of playerworlds because they were free to play.
When Stowen was hosting for the 2nd day there were over 50 people playing. He was working on core systems already had a staff team lined up and had good intentions. However over assumption Carlito stepped in and stripped his RC without seeing exactly what he could have brought to the community.
All Carlito had to do was go undercover keeping an eye out for harassment etc. and he would have seen himself that nothing was going on but progress to build the server back with a solid staff team who was behind the project 100% BUT, as soon as he so much got the hint UN was trying to be restored he completely just shut it down without question.
There is absolutely NO reason why he should not have given that man a chance regardless of previous failed chances.
Stowen was and still is well professional and qualified for the position to hold ownership of UN.
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