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I agree with what Kiri said. The people of UN have always been good honest law-abiding angels. I swear I have never played UN before sometimes. Accidentally clicking on UN is at least not as bad as accidentally going to Africa and getting the Ebola.

I don't know about the recent years of UN, but reading some of the UN threads on here it, seems UN has kept quite a consistent community between 2007-2017? Then it's already very well known like common sense, that UN has leaned towards a "certain" demographic. Maybe... maybe the manager of the UN at that time made an executive decision to put UN into the toilet since he knows it's easy to migrate the players with the UN Ebola onto other servers, since they're the easily amused type? So no harm done?

The forum seems empty for a weekend. I don't know if "toxic" stuff is happening if it's empty on a Saturday. For my post, I'm giving myself the title of supreme leader of the toxics, Jave can be my Vladimir Putin.
I <3 UN
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