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Originally Posted by kia345 View Post
Care to elaborate because it seems like triple triad with a graal skin
Obviously it is influenced by Triple Triad but there's more to it. We added an mp system (you can only play higher level cards if you have the mp to place them, you gain 1 mp per turn), a health system (you lose if your health reaches 0), and a graveyard system (cards disappear from the grid after 3 turns). Unlike triple triad you don't "capture" cards but health is lost depending on how the cards align on the grid. Most of the triple triad influence comes from the attack method and the card design. So more than just a graal skin.

One idea that we never got a chance to implement was set bonuses. Some cards would belong to a set and if you had the complete set in your deck then those cards would receive a bonus when played. Another was adding a betting system where you could bet cards. Then there was the monthly card tournament that would of seen the winner receiving a card of themselves. Probably many more ideas I'm missing but I'm getting old so my memory sucks lol.
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