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Originally Posted by Nataxo View Post

I mean, I'm cool with you as gaming friends, but as partners or you being an authority its just awful.

Srry, its just the way you are,
If you want to message me some of the specific problems feel free to let me know. I'm unsure if you are resentful of the way I acted at times on Zone, because as the Zone Police it is sometimes necessary to act quickly. At those times, I am not able to reason with you in those instances because it is a time to act, not a time to talk. Part of being the police is that I need to boss people around if there is a problem, usually bossing around those who are the problem so they are aware of their error and will not make it again.

Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
What happens after that?
I'll review the post in question to double check my work and I may ask you for explanation if your post is extremely unclear and if it could be editted to be appropriate. Unless there is an explanation I never really thought of, I'll leave your post deleted. I try not to delete posts to begin with unless I'm sure they should be deleted.

I'll admit I make errors, as I've stated twice within this thread. The trick is to improve and to make no mistakes, or at a minimum less mistakes in the future. I'm not trying to say mistakes are okay, but we all make them and the best opportunity I can find out of a mistake is to learn from the mistake so the mistake will not happen in the future.

I will say I've toned back on my moderation in the past week, an example of which would be that I've tried to relax on the deletion of posts as spam or off topic.

Originally Posted by Unpredlctable View Post
you will be told why you are wrong and then thereafter ignored
My job isn't to argue with you if you feel I am in error. I will explain my reasoning and will attempt to clarify with you. After a point if you just make responses that have no value to the argument at all and you are simply arguing for the sake of arguing, I choose to stop responding. I do have superiors for a reason, and I would encourage you if you feel I am not adequately responding to your needs to continue on to speak with either Sam or Darlene.
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