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Originally Posted by alexandralove View Post
I must agree, It been a bit more than 7 years now and I still didn't see any Graal advertising. That's probably why it's such a SMALL community.

Compare to any other game, they advertise like hell, it's like you got 50ads per websites

Graal dosn't advertise for its life. I never seen a Graal advertisment exapct where I found graal on The staff down't care about Graal, they just want the money, and they don't listen to us. I won't be supprised if then game ends in a few years. Whole Graal is great but it needs some fixing and they need to listen to its customers if they want some money. Rich kids arn't going to freaking keep buying when gameplay starts sucking more then it is. I agree with Yocas with alot of stuff but Ziro is right a little bit. When I first really started playing it was great, even when I first saw this game it was great, great couminty that is what keeps players. Graal needs to listen to us and they don't care.
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