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Originally Posted by _Zelph View Post
Thanks for taking what I said completely the wrong way. I am not Unholy Nation, I'm an individual. My priority is finishing some college coursework and getting an internship this summer. It's not like Streety came in here and said it's not a big priority for UN.

This is exactly why I rarely bother posting on these forums. Despite that, my offer still stands.
despite the fact that i was talking about UN as a whole and not you in general? of course you are not UN-incarnate: but it's amazing how many times i have been told that such-and-such improvement is not "on the priority list" or "we'll finish it when we finish our current projects" that it seems to be more of a "shut up go away" response which i've gotten from various departments

obviously (i hope) college and internships are vastly more important: that's why i didn't say anything about you specifically-or any staff member specifically, for that matter-i've only just quoted what you said because of the above explanation. you should continue to post on the forums: you do make up a good portion of UN's influence being apart of their higher staff and having played there for so long
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