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Originally Posted by fowlplay4 View Post
RemoteControl2.exe is on the chopping block.

Old Scripted RC is dead already and the new Scripted RC has taken it's place.
Okay, few suggestions.
  1. Allow me to set the char window background to white
  2. The weapons button brings up a window with mismatched gui profiles between button and the window its in, 1 is blue 1 is red
  3. Allow me to use custom images instead of the graal kingdoms image for my background
  4. give me line numbers in scripting window, so when rc complains about line number what ever i can actually find it in a 4000 line script
  5. File Browser by default has Name, and R/W rights coloms so close that long names dont create a space and you can hardly read the "r/w" rights. Can this be centered or padded?

Those right now are the negative impressions for the first 60 seconds using it.

Sorry, quick edit. This new scripted-rc does actually work on Kingdoms Debug. Weird at first I swore it didn't. The old one definately did not.

[Edit again]
Every time I type it changes my text in rc chat to what I typed clearing everything else.. is this intentional, or a bug?
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