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Update: I have asked Tig to make a special guild and add the members of the PWA to administrate it for now. I'm compiling a list of those people who have expressed interest and through their actions have already proven themselves. I see no need for those people to have to fill out a long application form.

Once a core group is in place we'll formulate an application. I agree that anyone applying should come with recommendations but it will be a way of letting others show their interest. This application shouldn't be long and complicated though.

Vulcan will be working with Darlene to set up a private forum and we'll also get global/staff connection set up again.

We'll also work out any details of all their specific duties. Most of which have already been discussed at length in this thread but I'm sure there will need to be some tweaks done. I believe that we can have a broad idea of them for now and become more detailed if necessary. Since this team is comprised of members of the entire development community its obvious that not everyone would be doing exactly the same thing. Gold will be optional but a plus since its required to get onto UC servers and will limit the number of people that can help in that area. In some cases though the help can be done via pm or uploading an image onto imageshack.
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