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Noctorious Hiring

Most of you already know what Noctorious is about but for those who do not know. It is a Modern-Based Style Server. It contains quite a few different features. Some of the simpler ones would be, Fighting, Weapons, Houses, Bussineses, Vehicles. Some of the Different ones would be, Zombie Hunting, Bank Robbing, Paramedic Job, Car Construction, Warehouse Delivery. Right now we are aiming for a big city type-style on the server.

Server Features List
Achivements - these can be earned by doing just about anything on the server
right now there are 27 achivevments that can be earned on the server.

NocBay: NocBay is like Ebay, you can buy and sell various items there and
the best part is that you don't have to sit and wait for someone to accept
a trade and you can find things in your price range as well.

Quest: We currently have 4 quest, each one is different. Each one comes
with a prize at the end but its up to you to find out what they are.
Are you up for the task?

Zombie Hunting: Ever wanted to hunt zombies? Well now you can do it
and you even get special zombie hunting weapons to hunt with for
free! Zombies drop cash, so you can even earn money by killing them.
Dosen't get any better than that now does it?

Shoveling: Have you ever wanted to dig? Yes me neither but if you
are one of those people that love to dig and find new things like,
uhhh maybe lost treasure than this is the place to do it at. You
can get all kinds of items from diging, you never know what your
going to dig up!!

Fishing: For all my lovley fishers out there we have fishing, you
can catch about 10 differnt fish and sell them for different prices.
Fishing is pretty easy and does bring in a lot of cash as well.

Paramedic:Are you going to school become a paramedic or a medic?
Well here it is plain and simple you can do paramedic missons and
the best part is you get to drive an ambulance with sirens!! Thats
right! So when someone gets in your way blaze those sirens and make
them move!! or just drive around.

Crate Delivery: I know my dream as a kid was to work in a warehouse
filled with smelly boxes and rats crawling around. So I know a few
of you have that same dream and im here to say its here and it
possible, just come in grab a box and take it to its desired location

Wanted Levels: Do you like to kill people? Well now you can do it oh
but wait theres a catch everytime you kill someone you will gain a
wanted level. What does this me? This means if you see the police
you run like hell or you kill them , up to you.

Businesses: Do you want to make some money? Maybe start a business?
We have that as well, we have a variety of buinesses that players
can buy and buy stock for there shop and make money.

Condos: Some of up perfer a condo over a house, why? well they are
cheaper and sexy. Dosen't get any better than cheap now does it.

Houses: Are you looking for your own home? A place to call your own?
Some where to park all 50 of your vehciels? Well we have it here,
come get your brand new home today.

Vehicles:Sick of walking all over the place? Well buy a car we have
quite a few around, just head over to the local car dealer and make
a deal with them and before you know it you will have your very own
fresh, sexy, awesome vehicle.

Clothing: Are you sick of typing /setbody? Well now you can just go
buy clothes from the clothing shops, Along with hats as well. Its
amazing what you can do with a needle and some cotton.

Radio Stations: Tired of running around and driving in silence?
Buy a radio station and broadcast your ow music for others to hear.
Or listen to someone elses radio, whatever makes you happy

Lockers: Is you inventory full of useless junk? Well put it in
a locker and store it there

Pawn Shop: Thats right if you don't want it we will buy it,
just bring it over to the shop and say the work.

Npad: Wondering what an Npod is well its a MP3 player where you
can store your own personal music and listen to it while your doing
things on the server

Current Staff
Mark (Destructo104) - Me

Looking for : GFX, LAT, and, SFX

Requirements: Must have experience, Must provide screenshots/videos of previous work

How to apply: Either login to Noctorious and shoot me a PM with you information and Screenshots of previous work, or email me at ([email protected]) with your information and screenshots of previous work.

**Note - For those who are in the US I am 9 hours ahead so you may or may not be able to catch me on the server, but I am always on my RC so I will read all messages that I have. The best way to contact me is by the email I provided above. If you have and questions feel free to PM me or Post here or email me.

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