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Originally Posted by MattKan View Post
Now we need 25 people to post this and maybe it will open up Stefan/Unixmad's eyes.

25 people have posted it. 100 people have, probably. They don't care. I used to think they might, that's why I posted a thread like this, thought they might notice something. They don't, and they won't. Once you step away and let yourself be detatched from the good memories you had of this game (which are never coming back, no matter what you people tell yourselves) and actually look back at this "game" through more mature eyes you realize that it doesn't really matter.

Nothing about Graal really matters. I don't care if you're a PWA, Forums Admin, Server Manager or whatever your "job title" is, you could not possibly be more miniscule than you are to Stefan and Unix. (That's mostly why I've stopped caring when Forums police delete my posts, I realize just kinda how sad they really are for caring that much)

This platform was a vessel for them to get what they wanted out of it and ditch. And they got what they wanted. They got some global recognition and a foothold in the iPhone app world with a couple of extra bucks along the way. Anyone deluding themselves that there's some saving grace coming to Graal is -- well -- deluded.

I'd be surprised if they took notice of this thread, or any of the other hundred. I wouldn't be surprised if they posted in this thread saying that changes were coming and this and that just to feed the addiction, when really any change or patch they make isn't going to make any significant impact.

Graal died a long time ago, and while I know I sound very cynical about the whole thing, everyone needs to take a step back and re-evaluate what they're doing here. The graal forums is a community, entirely separate from the game it spawned from. Unfortunately, it's like Crono's signature says, in a quote from Loriel:

"Maybe if we keep promising that Graal will be a development platform for a few more years,
people will keep paying for their gold accounts to post on the forums about how Graal is dead~"

Couldn't have put it better myself.
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