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Originally Posted by Black_Wallstreet View Post
Any need to flame? Im not going to argue with you, again you are not worth it. Be immature if you wish, but dont drag me down with you.

Anybody, even the worst of players can get that much experience, maybe even more, with time and commitment. Remember that.
... Jin was just more mature than Huwa. Wow, this new zone has signaled the start of the apocalypse.
Originally Posted by haunter View Post
Graal admins don't die. They go to hell and regroup.

I believe in karma, so that I may do bad things to people and assume they deserve it.

Much love to all of the Xanadu's; Pip, BrAwLeR, Huwajux, Jo, KDS, RayP2P, Kenjaro, TripleE, Rykuz, Stoned4Life, juice188, Albi5erind, Tenchry_P2P, ryohazuki90, littlec, Snoro, MajinDragon, Allen, Spanishmafia1643, zwill, Wolfey, HitmanJ2XX, and UnknownMastermind.

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