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Originally Posted by Unkownsoldier View Post
Stephen I get what you are saying but one other point it that if you log on to Graalonline you see content with Graalonlines name stamped to it not the creators. If you want to see who helped develop part of it you can go on Graal wiki but not to many players go there or even know about it.
But that's not true. Graal Online hasn't ever branded the work of playerworlds as their own. Additionally, while it's true that a lot of the people who helped make playerworlds don't get officially recognized - that's not Graal Online's fault.

They're not actively trying to take credit, or silence the credit being given. They're not responsible for the decisions that managers make so long as they're ethically acceptable and within the rules of conduct.

I don't see why anyone would try to put the responsibility on Graal Online either. You have to understand that most playerworlds and even some Gold content is managed by young people who have very little experience working with large groups which is healthy & sustainable for the long term. They're the ones who decide to give credit - but I know it would really distract from the quality of gameplay if I started seeing everyone's signature on every little graphic and level...

Besides, you have to wonder what sort of person works solely for credit - to be recognized. Credit doesn't have the same motivation for quality and longevity - people have to have a passion for them individually, they're the ones who actually earn their credit... without writing their signature on every piece or demanding their namesake on a list.

You look at Alarid, for example. His graphics are beautiful and recognized. He has a passion for quality - not for credit.

This is the second time you've changed the subject of this thread - and I think the initial topic of the thread is very important. I'm sorry to scold, but I don't feel you're being very considerate.
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