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Era controls revamp

Besides the fact it's hard as hell to get a good gun starting off playing era, the gameplay's learning curve is ridiculous. You need to invest at least 300 hours to be even decent at pking. This is because the unique controls and gameplay era has.

What I'm suggesting is making the shooting WASD, w shoots up, a shoots left, s shoots down, and d shoots right.

As it is now, you need to be facing the direction you want to shoot. In which it does add a unique skill aspect to the game, but what is that actually accomplishing? A select few players who stick around long enough to master it and a ton of frustrated new comers who can't comprehend the ridiculous concept of aiming every shot based on the direction they're moving.

Obviously era's been this way for over a decade and I doubt people who have been playing it as is for their whole life will be open to it, but I don't see why trying it out for a day or two would harm the server. It'd be interesting to say the least.

This makes aiming a whole a lot easier, it's right in between how we have it now and auto aim. Right now experienced players can already pivot looking down and to the right, which is basically only because a 'bug' (wouldn't really call it a bug, just a nook in how the engine works) where when you hold left and then right, you pivot right, and when you hold up and then press down, you pivot down.

Not all players know about this, and it's just really something you can only master and use to it's full potential after playing 1000s of hours. It's not suppose to be part of the game play but all the best players use it and it's actually a major part of the game.

I'd like to hear your opinions on something like this, I don't think it'd do any harm if you at least made an event with these controls. The learning curve to era would be much easier and I can see players sticking around more.
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