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Let's clarify:

what is the point of mixing different genres into 1 server ?
people who like Classic will play UN and people who like RPGs will play Zodiac
iam sure you dont get more players because of a small RPG part on your Server
If you didn't read my previous post. UN's RPG was used a long time ago. If I'm not mistaken it was before Zodiac even came out to begin with (Though, don't hold me accountable to that). Regardless, UN's RPG system will be nothing like Zodiac and will not overtake the entire server. It will be a side-quest-side-game-mini-game deal. Anyone can partake in it, but they are not obligated.

Streety, you should let them know that UN isn't going RPG, that it is more of a quest/game type thing.. Just so people aren't like "UNz gona turn in 2 zodaic!!"
That's the plan. I want it to be an in detail branch of UN that someone could do much like they could spar, or play events. UN has always been like this. We've always had multiple things that people could do to play with their time, which is in my opinion why it was more successful than N-Pulse.

Unholy Nation is just one giant mess, it knows it's a mess, and it kind of boasts it. I see it as kind of a parody server, and can't really take it seriously as anything else.
The mess we advocate is the widespread features the server has offered to entertain it's players. Not the mess past development staff had made.

And finally:

that has nothing to do with the system behind it
there is no reason to mix a working Classic server with a RPG one
why not start making more quests instead of a RPG part nobody needs
iam sure in 2 years evry Classic tab server is a RPG even Era
I'm sure that if you read the last post I made, you would understand that this feature is NOT a full scale revamp of the server. It is simply another feature that a user has available to partake in. It is nothing like Zodiac to begin with. The post also stated it will be a turn based system (Which Zodiac is not) and will be composed of the more original turn based systems (as seen in Final Fantasy, etc).

I also strongly disagree on what you said, I think there's no supporting facts for you to say that as well. Seems like something you just kind of pulled out to fit the situation.

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