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Originally Posted by Starfire2001 View Post
If the purpose of UN is simply to get people to buy gold, and a gelat shop isn't possible for whatever reason, then...
1) Removing observer mode
2) Allowing players to play non team events (which is about half of them)
3) Limiting their full hearts to 10 out of 13 and shield power to 2 so they move slow and repeatedly get destroyed

plus the current trial restrictions on hats, sparring, and currency, would probably be more likely to get players frustrated enough buy gold. Got to at least give them a taste of what they are missing out on. Not allowing them to do anything at all interesting + making them unable to move or do anything every 15 minutes or so only makes people quit, and if they are interested in classic style graal only, quit PC Graal entirely as UN is atm the only non dev option for that.
I'm kinda curious about the stats concerning how many people have payed for graal since it was implemented . doesn't seem like the player count has improved at all which leads me to believe this is as successful as the support center .
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