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Originally Posted by Kamaeru View Post
Basically every server on Graal sports a lot of stolen graphics and content from Graal2001. I don't mean to be anal about it but it was a lot more special when it was created as original content for a specific project. Is there any way to get other servers to stop using original content designed specifically for Graal2001? I mean I know we can never get them to stop using hats but I was hoping servers using Graal2001 hats could officially make their own and stop using ours. Is that not reasonable? A lot of the sprite sheets literally say "created for Graal2001" right on them in detailed custom pixel art signatures by the creators.
there should be a way, but since the lack of support is big, I doubt they would do something.

Originally Posted by Kamaeru View Post
I just think it's ironic that I'm over here remaking the Graal2001 hats so they can be original Graal2001 content again, while other servers sport the graphics that were made for this server without putting any work in. If it were level designs, or a script it wouldn't be acceptable, though I guess graphics and ganis are fair game? But apparently I'm the bad guy for pointing it out! Thanks!
Totally agree with you.