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Originally Posted by Emera View Post
Been reading through the article you posted on analysing image data and I've spent some time creating an application that can generate a Graal level based on a full-sized level screenshot. I've still not come up with a solution to deal with images covering tiles, light effects and level with layers however, but it's working perfectly for level images that show only tiles.

Here's an image. I've managed to generate the level on the right by taking the level image on the left and analysing it's pixel data, comparing the data with the pixel data for pics1.png. The comparison are made on a tile-by-tile basis, so every 256 pixels (or 1 tile) a comparison is made.

I'll post a build when I've figured out exactly how I'm going to deal with **** like light effects and layers.

The big question-- how long does it take? And I don't think there will be a good solution for dealing with lights or npcs in screenshots.

Originally Posted by Torankusu View Post
Attached is a GMAP file for this level set. (rename it to .gmap to use with gonstruct -- the program I tested it with).

For some reason, Jacob, the first 3-4 levels on the north-eastern side do not work (a1 - d1?), they do not draw anything for me with the given tileset. And what is drawn, it looks like the wrong images are in those locations.

Also, the ZIP file included is missing the level: a4

Thanks again.

Seems I lost level a4 somewhere and the a1-d1 are mountain levels... they would've used a different tileset which I must not have bothered to upload at the time!
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