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Y even bother with UC anymore ?

This is not a thread to bash if you don't have nothing nice to say plz don't post

Now after seeing how bad the player count drop and only Era is getting 100 players and Zodiac is not getting that high no more. Leads me to believe why spend 100 dollars to develop a server when u might have 200 players tops due of the community on PC Graal. I honestly look at Graal PC platform as a Development Platform Beta center for mobile/flash games. Some of you might ask how i come up with this very simple.

Seems like the servers on PC they can see what works and what doesn't on a smaller community then make changes etc. before u release it to a bigger community.

some reason's why there's no more servers getting release on classic tab like they did in the 99-2002

1. gs1 was the scripting language it was offline and very easy to script really not that complex

2. you didn't have to pay to get a server u just had to finish and send it to stefan and he decides

3. They were allowing similar servers to go up as long as it was finish

now with global and everything they made it more complex to script and need to bring something new to the table which ideas are slim to none..

Now with updates i know they have newer Dev game tools they haven't release yet and prob wont to graal but that is on them.

I honestly think they should make pc 100% free and just make it a dev platform for mobile/flash games. Now the UC servers u can make it where u have requirements before they give u a free one have 3 months inspections to c if u get to keep or remove ur server depending on content etc.

A lot of ways to do it and still get the enjoyment of your gaming releasing to a big community instead of just maybe 200 to 300 players

Another thing i think that they can benefit the business would make licenses and licensees the platform for say 50.00 with newer tools (if u ask y 50 think about it 100 bucks for Torque engine and lets face it Graal is no Torque Engine.) After the game is built they can officer to publish/host the game with a Percentage of sales u make in profit.

Thank you for reading this if you did just throwing some ideas hope that this will get to global's and unixmad i know this is not Stefan fault hes just a employee but whatever Unixmad is doing is not working so leads me. To think he needs to make choices or just close it down all together instead of losing money from pc
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