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Originally Posted by ffcmike View Post
Technically the game is free now. There was a Facebook post in December 2013 proclaiming that trial restrictions will be removed "over the holidays", and to much initial confusion this was never reverted. However the old subscription policy is still reflected on the Graal website and unless one can contact a global staff member to do them a favour then Gold is required to obtain a community name.

While the other points are valid unless something drastic such as the promise of Steam access does occur, there never will be much of an incentive for anyone worth their salt to maintain these worlds.
All the more reason to shut Zodiac down, cut the losses and move on to something else. If the dev's don't care to maintain the game, then why keep it around?

Originally Posted by Skyld View Post
There is nowhere near enough support for Steam. The client isn't being upgraded, there's no formal support teams, the subscription model is outdated and doesn't entice players to join the game. Even if all of those points were not issues, there's still a lack of new content because ultimately the only people maintaining these worlds are doing so on a voluntary basis and sporadically at that. No game is sustainable under those conditions.
This, it's what I've been trying to tell the Zodiac community for years and yet they fall off or are slack jawed in trying to find reasoning behind my words. It's why I gave up on their forums and moved the discussion over here. It'd like to see an official word from MD himself though on the situation of PC Graal/Playerworlds in general and what the state of affairs is going to be with them in the future. I don't see Graal lasting through the year at this rate. Perhaps it's high time PC Graal as a whole was laid to rest.