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Originally Posted by Xerath View Post
If you need help with graphics or lat I could help out on my spare time
meet me on Dev Zexon mate

Originally Posted by Kiri View Post
zexon's server will never stop evolving

soccer server > ice hockey server > bomberman server
safe to say this is the final stage

i have a decent sized LAT team and some people who come time to time to do scripting, its playable but i need a spar set up

Originally Posted by Crono View Post
konidias bomberman was too good
sorry konidias but this server has far surpassed his

i already have around 10 unique CTF/TDM/FFA fields for bomberman events. theyll be hosted by event team, and also in a /CTFQUEUE /TDMQUEUE /FFAQUEUE. we also have an actual gmap you can run around and pk bomberman style !

come to dev zexon to look at some of our cool features we have already !
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