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Originally Posted by Torankusu View Post
was pretty sure the default level editor would draw terrain maps just fine.

i am interested in nw2png improvements.

There is very minimal support for drawing layers correctly. When I get a chance I will post some examples.
It does show terrain right. But I have no idea how you would edit it in the first place. Draenin k ow more on how it works then I do. Layers art to hard to work with on levels but if you tried to do gmaps it can get very resource heavy. I would probably struggle more with npc but those aren't to hard it's more the set shape part or light effects ect.

What I want to do is make an html5 based gmap editor. Where you can edit a level and zoom out to see the whole gmap and still place trees and stuff. That would be a game changer there. But since it involves similar work as this I think the 2 projects can benefit off each other. My code sadly is in c++ not html5. Luckily it's not hard to convert.

But like I said the 2 projects could benefit off each other. Some people still use .graal levels for example level2.graal from npulse. I'm sure other people have levels saved on there hard drive from years ago.

Also does anyone know if you can do terrain on .graal levels?
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