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Originally Posted by fowlplay4 View Post
MBAM is turning on startup (see his Hijackthis) and there's the Malwarebytes service listed there as well so he most likely has the protection module enabled.

So both MBAM and BitDefender are running at the same time, so if a file is opened it's going to get scanned by both of them at once.

Judging by the last screen-shot he posted he's attempting to play it full-screen at 720p res, and the integrated graphics are too weak to run it at a solid 20 FPS.

The only other thing you can try is: Disabling all non-essential services and startup programs in msconfig (start 'msconfig' in search bar).

My final advice is: Format (or replace your HDD with a SSD) and re-install Windows 7, get the latest drivers, then install and try Graal first before you do anything else.

That's really all that can be done.
I uninstalled bitdefender and there wasn't a big change, then updated to bitdefender total security 2012. Feels the same as it was before. Yes I have the mbam protection module on as well as the bitdefender. It never says that it scans files so I'm not sure about that. I've optimized my startup programs long ago, and again about 2 weeks ago (nothing new has been added, i just checked). I don't see the point in formatting my pc just to play one game, this game shouldn't be lagging at all since I pass the minimum and recommended requirements on the graalonline website. I don't feel the need to delete all my stuff just for this game, that's drastic.

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