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Originally Posted by Seeya View Post
extremely disappointing stats on all the gift shop items; when you create all these new items for Christmas you don't have to make them worse than everything because they're free, you can make them low tier and still original or used for a possible build. remember the first hp belt? easter belt. first low-tier dex boots? rabbit feet, they'll hold their value at a low level because new players will need them.
The stats are fine this way and totally OK. People are spoiled since the last few holiday events.

I am going to host a XMas Raffle at 00:00 Server Time.
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Clash: Nico, I'm going to give you an example of good management.
Clash: One of my staff removed my RC and banned me.
Clash: I didn't ban or remove their RC after I got another one to fix me.
Clash: Do you know why?
Björn: Because you IP banned him ?

Stefan logged on.
(npcserver) has reset the attributes of Stefan
*Stefan: ah my client crashed

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