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Originally Posted by Futurism View Post
Lol only the night we r 10 and this afternoon we were 30 players. Sean u dont play Zone.
You're funny there buddy. I don't need to play Zone to push F8 and notice the playercount do I?
Rather on my way logging into Graal Kingdoms you think I don't notice the playercount of a server I use to call my favorite? You're sadly mistaken.
I don't think I need to say any more since SN just said all of what I was about to say.
Originally Posted by pooper200000 View Post
I've already answered Futurism's question multiple times (Both the question of if he can be hired, and if we need more staff).
Need I say more?
Originally Posted by Darkdemon452 View Post
wow I'm by Sean and Tench...How unlucky can you get?