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If you want to make a specific complaint about a staff member, please forum PM me about it. I don't want to have these types of things (Problems with staff) posted on the Zone forum.

As far as more staff go, I've already answered Futurism's question multiple times (Both the question of if he can be hired, and if we need more staff). Until we have a significant raise in playercount, I don't see a need to hire staff for the same time zones that are being covered by our current staff.

I also want to remind you that not all of the staff are online at the same time of day, because I doubt you are online 24 hours each day to know if the staff aren't active. In case you haven't read the updated Zone staff list thread, the events team members are Donark, MagikMasterMind, and Tenchry_P2P. Our PA is Pez307.

If you think you can consistently cover an irregular time that isn't being covered by the current staff team, feel free to forum PM me about your interest in a position. That said, our current staff team is doing a good job at covering the most active points in the playercount and eventually I would like to extend the times covered to always have a staff member online. Right now, the times being covered may not be as complete as usual due to Tenchry's vacation. You should also understand that we don't always have a player online, so it may not make sense to have a staff member on at those times as well. If I can't find a reliable staff member to cover those irregular times, I won't hire one.
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