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Tashkin is a jewel in the roughTashkin is a jewel in the rough
Send a message via AIM to Tashkin
* Nickname - Tashkin
* Online time - 617 hrs more if added alt accounts.
* Do you have a gold subscription? yes
* Why do you want the position? I like helping out the community and new players. GK is the only server I play.
* Why would you be the best person for the position? I have been playing GK for a long time now. I am pretty familiar with the server and am ready to help out the players on the server. I am also a pretty quick learner so if there is stuff I don't know I wont have a problem learning it.
* Do you have any relevant experience with FAQ work? No not really, but would enjoy learning.
* Additional information you'd like us to know - I am usually on the server when there aren't many staff members on.
* References from kingdom leaders, gk staff members, or managers/admins of other server may help but are not required. - Chaosorc (Graal Police) and sEaNxfLo (Event Master)
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