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Originally Posted by Angel_Light View Post
but first there was an offline version, I believe there was.... at least I think thats what my cousin told me.... o well, be neat to have an offline one anyways. Oh and I don't use the Wii's WIFI, LAN Cable is best
The Wii doesn't have an ethernet socket?

Why the hell would you want an offline version of an online game? The main attraction of Graal is the development of playerworlds, it's community, it's players and all the other online features that come with it.

What's the point of making an "RPG" offline version of it. Makes no sense whatsoever to me, just so you can snuggle up in bed with your DS at night and play some Graal?

I've read a million threads like this, about how Stefan should develop a multi-platform version of Graal.

Conclusion of all of them.
Not going to happen.

Gerami is correct in saying that it's still got problems on the PC, there's hundreds of threads (maybe exaggerating a little) in the support section created daily due to errors and bugs.

I mean, if it's so "easy" to port it to Xbox, why don't you just do that yourself then?

An offline version just completely defies the point of Graal. Full stop.
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