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I am in agreement that although Graal2001 was a fantastic server, and it was a benchmark for a very successful period of time for Graal (gameplay and money-wise for cyberjoueurs)--it was not necessarily the quality of the server that was responsible, but the entire direction for Graal as a whole moving towards something that seemed truly powerful and extremely worthwhile for my playing time on Graal2001.

What I mean is-- when Graal2001 came around, everyone was positive that Graal was worth playing and the entire standard of all servers was raised a bit as a result. Graal2001 hyped all of Graal up. I feel like Graal2002 only rode that hype and was never the game it was meant to live up to be.

So, if you want to make Graal happy again, all you have to do is make another happy server such as Graal2001. Graal2001 simply had many traits of a direction of Graal's greatest pontential being unlocked by increments. Constantly raising the standards.

That's why whenever it has been re-released in the past it was always greeted with a TON of players. What happened? If 300 players want to play for a week, and 100 for a month, then why do they stop after that?

I think you may be right that a figurehead of development such as Stefan is just missing and the server hemorrhages players as a result. The server's battery is a stream of updates. If you have a successful enough server, staff will be much more motivated.

Why do you think they call it a "patch"? Online game developers realized that they had to patch up the wounds of their game a loooong time ago.
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