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Originally Posted by Ravenblade1979 View Post
Exactly my idea was to eliminate the need to look at their profile and this isn't anything new. You have always been able to see their status via the profile.
it is that hard to right click?

refer to your post that you posted 3 years ago.

just read the second post and what bjorn said to me. =P I also suggested making there names a certain color.

Bjorn is commenting me saying i like that idea. A few days later... it was added. I do not... I repeat DO NOT take credit for anything that I don't do... but i like credit for my ideas that get added.

Originally Posted by Googi View Post
So am I?
v5 came out at least a month ago... i seriously doubt that many, if not any, of those people have 5 hours or less... let me buy this new game to play it 5 hours then quit for a month x.x

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