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Originally Posted by Ravenblade1979 View Post
Actually the numbers are low on the older players who already quit. but the current ones will upgrade and keep upgrading heh.
All fine and dandy sure, but what of the VIP accounts that still are around. We going to punish them because they have a VIP account? Maybe they shouldnt get on ferry boats either. VIP means you can run around on the weekends all you want, then when its not a weekend you go back to "trial" mode. Being there are no ferry boats that let trials on, that means your vip is stuck on that stupid island now.

I have about a year of VIP time left, I don't intend to get stuck on my kingdom island when I don't have time to upgrade my gold account again. What might seem like the 6th time so far.

Not to mention I do have a second account that is trial that I use to tinker around with Luec items. Or confuse my friends a bit with XD.

Maybe instead of beating trials over the head with odd limitations, perhaps just don't let them gain experience after level 10. This would promote the idea of actually upgrading, not to mention "trial" really means to try the game out, not to play for free. I can completely agree with not allowing them in global guilds and maybe even limiting them from most of the events. But not letting them see GK for what its supposed to be with the kingdoms is just wrong. If you want them to see what GK is like but no kingdom, let them play offline for a bit to get the idea, whats the point of even taunting them online, we should atleast let them see what its like to be in a kingdom to get them interested. We do have a Graal Kingdoms gold account time to try to sell after all.
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