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I ran under the impression that Valikorlia on the iOS and Facebook would be a great thing. Then I played Classic and Era on that platforms and it just isn't ready yet. Valikorlia is a social game, and the non-PC versions of Graal don't lend themselves well to socializing; you cannot mass message or quickly PM someone yet. I see it being viable in a few versions, though.

I understand it's made a fortune and the playercount is always above a thousand. I'd love to run Valikorlia for a group larger than 30 people, but at some point you saturate things and it's best to have a system of gameplay (versus a system of roleplay) in place to handle everyone. Zodiac as a web-game would be an amazing hit, to that example.

I would be happy with Valikorlia having community accounts, but we can't develop any features until our dev server is up. Our main server is so addled by years-old code and conflicting scripts that we need to develop something on the side, scrub the main server, then lift the code from the dev server and place it into the primary server.

We're stuck on Step 1 and still waiting. Again, it seems like a big request to circumvent gold accounts but we're some especially visible content creators.
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