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We've tried contacting Stefan and going through the PWA (who seem to be as good as getting in touch with him as we are. AKA: as a dog might hope to get the attention of a cloud), so I am hoping that these forums serve as a better reminder than an e-mail lost in a wave of Zodiac-related managerial complaints or whatever else may have come up in the last several months that would make him squeamish to do anything.

I'm a network manager, I know how hard it can be to handle certain tasks, but some of the items on our complain list seem like something you check a radio box in a web admin panel somewhere and you're done. Compound that with a lack of any real communication with the last remaining PC graal customers and it strikes me as especially neglectful.

I do not need forum moderators with egos, I need the people in charge of the back-end.
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