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Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
It won't happen ... I find it pretty useless, anyway. There's no need for debugging scripts in level editor; in many cases it's better to create a class anyway.
Originally Posted by napo_p2p View Post
For experienced GS2-users, it is pretty useless. But, for someone still exploring GS2, it can be a very good learning tool.
No, for experienced scripters who have all the rights they need on a server, it would be useless, for the rest of us, it would be the only tool, as well as the perfect one, for learning or using gs2.

Originally Posted by DustyPorViva View Post
I don't think it'd be too hard, if they let you run NPC servers off your computer(no, not like the Gservers, just the NPC server, to allow the compatibility).

But no, it won't happen.
I'm sure it can be done with some kind of emulator. I don't see why it would need to run an actual server from your computer.
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