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I can't read your mind, please PM me here, send an email, or use the bug report system. If a bug shows up, I fix it. I'm sorry you were jailed for something you didn't do. What do you mean by no boundries?
Also, DR currently has our 'custom' tileset (mostly a recolor, more detail, more vibrant colors, and some tiles from older tilesets.) We also have a snow tiles set, which will be up next winter. (Yes, we should have a fall one by then as wll ) Also, DR is still in developement, but it is mosty for features. You can play now with no/few bugs. If you find one though, use the bug system (/bug "bug here" ) to report. Soon a better system for bug reporting will be up, which will automatically send a message to the RC, as well as the bug log.
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