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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
To earn a point at "points events" a player must win. The winners of every event also gains event prizes. The points events are experimental in nature and I see it has caused some unexpected and unusual criticism; it may be best to just close it immediately.
I agree with about cancelling it though after this month. I tried plenty of times talking to both you and Tashkin before this month even started, and in the middle of the month. The answer you gave me (Stephen) was ask Tashkin. Asked him he said it's going to continue. I subscribed my gold because I was told the monthly points system will continue. This new type of system happened just 3 days ago. I wasn't pleased it happened but I dealt with it which is why I'm playing to win. Finally after all the criticism that has happened you decide to cancel it. I only play this event system for the major prize not the 1 EC or 50 rubies you get after winning events. Why cancel it now I did work hard to gain points if you want to cancel it at September please do so, But when were 4 days from ending this month It's totally unnecessary about cancelling it now. If (ANYBODY) were in my shoes I can guarantee you they would complain just as much or even more then I am.