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Graal Box v1.0

Hey guys, its DarkFalz Conquer. I got bored, and decided to script a tool that would help us graalians. No its not a cheat tool. but rather a simple gui with helpful links and much more. It works well on Windows XP, im still trying to make it compatible with vista's directories, so bare with me. Its only v1.0 and if people plan to use it, ill take request for updates on it.

Hope you enjoy it!
--Thanks DarkFalz

Edit by Stefan: Please don't post direct download links, post some description and screenshots as attachment, and give the link on request by forum PM. If it's very helpful then the link can still be added later although it might be better if some admin is scanning it for viruses and then attaching it to the post instead of linking to some external download service.

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