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Originally Posted by MysticalDragon View Post
Just your staff list alone would make me not want to apply from experience. Let me break down your current staff list
Graal Script Code:
(Jay CIprioni)-Manager
-Server Admin
You have a Owner, Which usually in graal terms is someone that paid for the server but usually 95% of the time have no development experience thus pawning most useless assignments to the Manager (who also lacks in development) 90% of the time. That leaves you with a Server Admin and 4 other staff members. At this point in beginning development why do you even have a server admin? Your team is small shouldn't the manager be Administrating your team? That shows me so far you have 2-3 useless positions already reading your post. Reading on I see you have 1 GFX Staff which you are listing as Graphics Administrator. Who is he Administrating he is the only Graphics staff?
Sounds like you've already been on our server
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