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Ok ill do ganis. and graphics

wait a sec Whos on the staff? anyone I know?

Why isn't chris vimes involved? This whole "Graal" thing is ACTUALLY getting old. I don't even think its because the way people treeted it. I think it has to do with how the WHOLE playerbase feels atm. I don't even think I'm really involved in that feeling. If I am I was ALWAYS part of it. WELL ?

Infact, all gameing is getting crappy. Its not just "Graal" suffering. I belive that if games are actually on a decline. Something is seriously wrong with a lot of people' per say.

Maybe it is because we don't care about eachother.. maybe it is how we treet people to make a point.,? Instances are when I freak out cause of "Eating" Well idk, I wont go too indepth about that. Its not answers people are seaking. Why is everything REALLY and ACTUALLY just like.. no one cares about eachoter anymore. I swear its something that's 'sestemic' (per say) but yet so simple to fix. Just like, set aside pride and all that conviction you have and treat people the way they should be treated. Theirs someone else making a bigger point because actions and really, the reality of whats going on is more then just explaining why somethings wrong, and for people to think that's hate speech then hear it from someone intelgient, someone who doesn't hate. someone who doesn't feel hate or judgemental stuff,
WHAT I'm saying is that whats going on with everything I see in my eyes is that people don't treat people the way they should be treated. AND that the reailty of something and telling why it is the way it is isn't really doing something about it. Just because you say "Oh this guy has to get puched in the face and die cause he did drugs" wouldn't explain my life. I cant make the point you want to hear, you have to find that point on your own. If you truly belive in everything you see was created by someone, then understaned that whats going on in a GLOBAL scale is a lot better then you think , that explaining why its the way, and doing something about it. IS totally different. God bless.

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