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Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
Why are you running two antivirus programs anyway?
I was informed these two programs scan for different bad things such as "malware" and "viruses". I don't know much about anti-virus programs but I have noticed they do different things. When I was looking for anti-virus programs I was told to just use these two for great protection.

Originally Posted by Admins View Post
Is it running faster now?
I've seen that sometimes the PC comes with one anti-virus package and the ISP installs another one. It's hard to see why the computer is slow until you go into the task manager and watch the services fight each other. These services are not shown in the program list so it will not even show anything strange in the list.
Everytime I use one of these tips, I see little to no difference. For the services, I'm not sure what you mean by "fight each other".

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