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Originally Posted by xAndrewx View Post

Most post on I believe Cloyd can balance a gun.

I would like to know how you would balance the guns out- what would you do with the following guns:
  • BAR
  • M4
  • Famas
  • Shipka
Hm, not sure of the weapon structure on iPhone.
However, I watched quite a few spars on the server and the distinction between the supposedly, "newly" released guns is pretty clear.
But then again, I toyed with the, what I would call, "Tier 1" weapons and there are clear distinctions (yet again). - As Masa pointed out.

In short, the ideal case would be fixing the problem at the source first (Tier 1 weapons), then work your way up. However, in this context, a rebalance of that caliber could cause more harm than good. iEra is different from Era, in that it has a MUCH larger active playercount.
Simpler terms, more people affected, more people angry.

Yet, one key thing remains unexplored, how many guns does iEra have?
[Thought of this while writing]

Premature response, but:
Best bet on this one is to alter those newly-released weapons if they're that problematic. I'm sure there's several ways to perhaps place them in "check" without massively affecting whatever balance Cloyd has developed.
Seeing as they are not at the bottom or source of the structure, the effect should be similar to taking icing off a cake; superficial - for lack of a better word.
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