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Originally Posted by MiniOne View Post

And about the pricing issue, PC has numerous more ways to making money and the amount they can make from just say a diamond is about $100 far exceeds that of the highest amount you can make from Era off one item (a shell for $8).
I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to say here, but it looks like you're implying a diamond on Era is 100$.
Diamonds are 30$. Furthermore, they are certainly NOT the norm, due to only having a 4% chance of being mined (that might be higher, i'm not at home and I don't have the data set with me right now.).
If you do the math on drop rates related to money output, you would see that each rock you mine on Era averages at about 9.8$/rock, +- maybe .2 or so.

Given that unless you're over level 30 mining ( I'm going to..assume <10% of era has mining levels this high. I believe it's more like <5%, but I can't back that one up as well), you can only mine at most 700 rocks per hour (with a workers potion, doing nothing but staring at the screen -- the perfectly ideal hour), and would probably average somewhere around 500, you're only making ~5k/hour mining.

Being that mining is close to, if not the best way of earning money on the server, wages aren't particularly high.

Originally Posted by MiniOne View Post

New ways of earning money would be nice, and the clear difference in the amounts earned on PC and iEra are shown through the lottery. iEra you earn about $100 from lottery while PC if i remember correctly can go over $5000 (correct me if I'm wrong). And PC has a lot smaller playercount then iEra yet their lottery flocks out a lot more money.
I haven't played IEra in a long time, but haven't you defeated your own argument? Assuming (like on era PC) that multiple people can win the lottery, a higher playercount should diminish the returns on individual winnings.

For example -- say 30,000 is invested in the lottery, half of which is payed out in winnings (thats 15k, boss). If 3 players win, which is about normal on Era, that's 5k per person

but IEra has a lot more players. If 30 players win, that's only .5k per person

and etcetera. I'm sure they run a slighly different lottery system, but it's hard to make guesses on that without seeing it.

also, if i may..
ERA AND IERA ARE DIFFERENT GAMES. stop trying to homogenize them.
You'd be jaded by now, too.
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