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Snk the balancing issue is only concerned with BAR and Shipka. M4 and Famas can be beaten easily (in fact every other gun is fine but then again I don't get demonstrated many guns besides M4/BAR/Shipka in spars).
The issue is with the rate of fire on the guns, I believe if you slowed both the speeds down so it's possible to move between the shots then the guns would be fine. At the current state the guns shot way to fast, I would believe that every gun shouldn't be able to shot two shots so fast that you can't move between the bullets, simply nerf the fire speed so that its dodgable and it should be fine. Every other guns rate of fire can be moved between except for those two, that's why the other guns have problems facing them.
I sparred around 100 spars yesterday to see if it was really just because I suck, and I realized the only way to truly win against a BAR or a shipka is to play passive and hope your opponent makes errors. This means that spars are tedious and boring because you can't personally outplay your opponent due to dodging and timing shots. As far as PC Era is, all the guns on there I've seen have no issue with being dodged because none have excessively hire fire rates.

And about the pricing issue, PC has numerous more ways to making money and the amount they can make from just say a diamond is about $100 far exceeds that of the highest amount you can make from Era off one item (a shell for $8).

Andrew we both know that 99% of the iEra server are on admins ****s, its not like PC where there's constant complaints about staff. That's why even when staff make mistakes it usually goes unnoticed. Nothing you can do there.

Funny when I tried to contact Cloyd he server messaged "all shipka's have been removed and 20k has been added to your inventory" and a clear lie. I truly don't believe you take my suggestions seriously because the majority of times the replies from yourself and cloyd are that all guns have perfect balance and that there is no issue there. It would be nice if you could notice the change in the spar style of many players due to the release of those two guns.

I suggested Wil because his balance on PC Era was great in terms that any tier gun can compete against another tier and I believed that should be the case when it comes to any shooting games, its just that when it comes to Tier 1 vs Tier 3, yes Tier 3 should have a distinct advantage, but not to the extent that the bullets are undodgable and the chances of winning are extremely slim.

Anyway all I believe that needs to be done is reducing fire rates of Shipka and BAR so that you can slip between two shots (this applies to every gun), that way its a mix between skill/gun and so that anyone who is skilled enough to weave through bullets can win even if its a handgun vs a BAR. I do believe Cloyd can balance guns because overall the balance issue is fine besides those two guns.

New ways of earning money would be nice, and the clear difference in the amounts earned on PC and iEra are shown through the lottery. iEra you earn about $100 from lottery while PC if i remember correctly can go over $5000 (correct me if I'm wrong). And PC has a lot smaller playercount then iEra yet their lottery flocks out a lot more money.
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The pistols look like they have cancer, reduce the big buboe shaped thing's size.

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