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I dunno if its wise to dedicate all your time to a single server, especially if you will be doing all the work yourselves without having any management in place to take over once you are done.

My suggestion for what the GDT should focus on is servers that already have structured management (i.e. N-Pulse) but who are lacking in committed developers. If you were to put your efforts into one server you might as well just be called the Graal2001 staff. Though I know it isn't an easy task you took the job as GLOBAL development team, you should in turn do your best to help out all servers on Graal and not dedicate your entire efforts into just one server.

Your main priority should be to make sure that any server on the Classic tab is up to par with current standards set by the PWA. Yes this should be the job of management, however, as I already stated some servers are severely lacking committed developers to help them which is exactly where you should come in. You went onto N-Pulse and converted their text map to gmap format, but gave no explanation to them as to how to clean everything up to fit the gmap format. Although a simple explanation to their staff would be helpful, I do think you should go even further into it and actually physically help them sort out their live server.

Your second priority, after making sure Classic servers are up to par is to sort through the under construction servers, discuss with the PWA which servers seem to be the most promising and furthest along development-wise, and help put the fine touches and do some debugging on their systems. This would help more servers be completed, making more servers available to be put onto the Classic tab, and in turn giving players more of a choice of where they can play.

I know it isn't easy, and will be a ton of work for you non-payed volunteers, however, you volunteered to be part of the GDT not the G2k1 staff. While working on Delteria I would have killed for help from some of the Global Developers, however the only time I ever saw them was on Kingdoms, and they never responded to any of my pleas for help. I'm assuming N-Pulse, now in the same place Delteria was years ago, trying to maintain one server and develop another with very limited staff, feels the same kind of neglect I did when I was attempting to run the show with Delt.

If you feel that your time would be better spent dedicating all your time to one single server, building it up from nothing and then transferring managerial rights to somebody after you complete the work, then I guess go ahead, it won't change much for anybody other than the future 2k1 staff that will reap the benefits of your work, but I do feel that you should dedicate your time to fixing broken content on the Classic servers first, and helping close-to-completed Hosted servers second. Building an entire server should be the very last thing on your todo list as there are plenty of servers with well established management who are much closer to completion than 2k1 that could use your help much much more.

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Originally posted by Stefan
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