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Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
  • The books are bright, saturated, and too repetitive. It doesn't contrast well at all.
  • The books are badly shaded, giving off some kind of weird non-book-like texture. I don't know why you've gone for this 'technique' when it's a bookend you're trying to convey.
  • The overall perspective isn't fully there. The top should be brought down more.
  • You're using a gradient overlay in an attempt to bring perspective -- it isn't working, especially with how you've applied it.
  • I'm not a fan of the golden book tops, they aren't defined too well, especially towards the top of the shelf. I'd personally just get rid of those as you'll never see something like that on books that are multicoloured and organized in such a way.
Slap on a texture and it'd fit right into Zodiac, otherwise it could really do with an overhaul.

Uhm, you maybe right but I think you get the perspective thing wrong, those golden tops are the pages..
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