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Originally Posted by GryffonDurime View Post
*From out of left field*

Perhaps reconsider using literal rank names? There is a definite narrative purpose to using names that can be understood at a glance: they streamline relations with others, they create context without having to do a lot of background work...

But, then, that may just be me.
The purpose to join any kingdom in my opinion is to be unique and different then everyone else. This would mean we have different ranks, even so you can just go into the list and look up which rank means what with various ease. I do not plan to make them too complex. A simple formal elvish is all I plan to keep them in so it looks nice and half decent. Though I am open to suggestions on the structure of ranks or even which ones are needed or missing. Be sure to be specific to which one(s) though, we have a few.

I do not mean to disappoint anyone so be sure to tell me of rank or other issues to have. I wish to make your time here in Forest (Taurė) as pleasent as possible really, or hassle free.
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